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  I am honored to announce an exhibition of my work offered by the Dennos Museum Center at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City. "Passages: The Art of Ron Gianola" preview here:

Many thanks to everyone who came out to my talk/tour. The turnout was quite a bit more than expected. I enjoyed it and I hope you did as well.

  My sincere thanks to everyone, too many to thank individually, who came to my reception at the Dennos Museum, bringing considerable creative art spirit. It was great to talk with everyone, I hope you found much to appreciate.

The exhibition will run four months to January 7, 2024, and is a retrospective of fifty-five years, featuring various creative phases and subjects; automotive, figures, landscapes, Hawaii, abstracted interiors, "Passage" series, abstract color fields, cells, drawings, & sketchbooks.

The first week of October, my exhibition will be expanded into the eighty foot walls of the sculpture court gallery with the addition of my two Dennos Museum Permanent Collection pieces, and approximately twenty additional paintings.

I hope you can attend, looking forward to seeing you.

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"You'll Know When You Get There" 5' X 15' acrylic
... title from Herbie Hancock...

Created for the performance of the Marcus Belgrave Jazz Concert
in the Milliken Auditorium of the Dennos Museum on April 13, 1996.
Recently entered the Permanent Collection of the Dennos Museum.

At the invitation of jazz musician Jeff Haas I painted “You’ll Know When You Get There” in 1996 to compliment the jazz music of the Marcus Belgrave Quintet, to be displayed above the band at Milliken Auditorium. The title is from Herbie Hancock.

Starting a fifteen foot piece with no preconceived intention, I reached down deep to create this, not knowing I would return to this source more than twenty years later.

Drawing from: my long time listening to, and playing, jazz and creative instrumental improvisational music, the Bitches Brew fusion esthetic of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, and the ongoing rich musical legacy of Detroit, my home for 45 years,

this musical color composition involves harmony, dissonance, rhythm, calm, tension, motion, rest, and balance, using improvisation over an intended or discovered structure.

This painting led to my current color harmony paintings based in part on the music on the 1100 albums of the European creative music label ECM.


“Both light and color evoking the inherent mystery and spiritual qualities of nature.” Mary McNichols Ph.D. Professor of Art History at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI.

"The colors, lines and spaces start to listen and dance. Beautiful combinations and transitions, creates different layers of space and perspectives. The drift and spin of colors, levels and transitions create multilayer movement although it is flat. Amazing. Thank you." - Nik Bartsch, International ECM records Zen funk composer, pianist, bandleader, Zurich club owner.

.. . color that is reaching down and scraping the human soul” Tony Suhy, musician












The paintings below were selected by the Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City, Michigan,

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, and First Gentleman Daniel G. Mulher

to be part of the Governor's Residence Michigan Artists Program,

for a one year loan to the Michigan Governor's Residence in Lansing, Michigan,

installed in the living room, dining room, guest room, and library.

44 x 64 Acrylic
Viewers Choice Award
Northwest Michigan
Regional Juried Exhibition
Dennos Museum Center
Permanent Collection of the
Dennos Museum Center
Traverse City, Michigan

Passage #6
40 x 48 oil
First Place Award
All Media Juried Exhibition
Crystal Lake Art Center
Frankfort, Michigan

Psyche #6
40 x 48 oil
Second Place Award 2007
All Media Juried Exhibition
Crystal Lake Art Center
Frankfort, Michigan


Summer Serenade

3' X 6' oil

Honorable Mention

1996 Northwest Michigan Regional Juried Exhibition

Dennos Museum Center, Traverse City, MI

Juror: Maryann Wilkinson, Curator,
Modern and Contemporary Art
Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI

Passage #15
36 x 12

Passage #17
34 x 40

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